April 10, 2007


Callie’s Story

With great joy, several years ago, we adopted Callie from Emerald Coast.  Callie was the poster girl on your note cards for a few years. Her story before rescue was horrific and too common: backyard breeder’s dog, over bred, under loved, no health care, disposed of when she became frail.  When she came to us, at the very ripe age of 11 or so (we all guessed), she had few front teeth, very little hair and was under weight – and that was AFTER EGGRR volunteers had been taking care of her.  I don’t want to know how she looked when she first came to you.

We promised her a loving, quiet home, with all of the treats, care and attention she wanted.  She asked for very little – well, except when I was cooking or if she could smell McDonald’s French fries.  She would herd me into the corner at the sink and hold me hostage for a nibble of whatever was for supper.   I contacted ECGRR with a somewhat heavy heart today.  At the age of about 14+ (again, guessing), Callie will head to the bridge tonight.  She’s been trying to tell me for some time now, “Kid, it’s my time. Let me go.”  We’ve enjoyed every moment with her.  She has been our “little mama dog.”  We will miss her soft way, her smacky chops sounds (toothless dogs do this, y’know), her absolute blondeness (she was an English Cream in a house of reds), and her sense of humor.