Champ Miller
March 13, 2009


This afternoon Champ took one final motorcycle ride. Our beloved Champ’s spirit was freed from the body that was failing him.  He was our son and gave us much love.  His sometimes goofy antics made us laugh.  His snoring allowed us to “blame the dog”.  He had many adventures and loved going fishing and for motorcycle rides in his Canine Chariot, which will forever be Champ’s Lab Cab.  He graciously embraced me and accepted the Mals in to his life.  He became my loyal companion.  He adored his Golden sister and shared retriever secrets with her.  He brought play to our pack and joy to our hearts.  It will take a while before we no longer step gingerly when entering a darkened room so as to not trip on the black dog.  It will take much longer to not feel the hole in our hearts.  We are very sad for us, but relieved that our boy is no longer in distress.  These moments are the high price we pay for being given the honor of sharing our lives with them.  Despite that cost, what we get in return is priceless.

Denise and Des