June 22, 2011


On June 22, 2011 we had to put to rest our amazing golden boy JACK.  We rescued him from ECGRR eleven years ago, when he was 10 months old.  He had heartworms, hookworms, mange and was 14 pounds under weight.  ECGRR treated him for the heartworms and hookworms.  We continued the mange treatment and kept him in our home as a foster while he was going through his heartworm treatment.  We fell in love with him and decided he needed to live with us forever.

He received his canine good citizen certificate and he was a certified therapy dog who visited nursing homes in the area for many years.  Every day of his life he would run down our driveway and get the newspaper.  It was his job and he loved it.  Last summer we noticed a lump on his leg and he was diagnosed with soft tissue sarcoma.  He had surgery at the University of Florida Veterinary Medical Center.  After his leg healed we went to Auburn University College of Veterinarian medicine.  We lived in Auburn for 26 days while Jack underwent radiation everyday.  In January he was diagnosed with a different kind of cancer we found on his toe. It was melanoma, an even more aggressive cancer.  He lost his battle with cancer on June 22.  His veterinarian, Dr. Robert Scott and his staff at the Gulf Coast Animal Hospital managed his illness and made sure Jack got the best of care which gave us another year with our sweet boy.  Dr. Scott’s kindness and generosity got us through the stress of Jack’s illness and treatments.  Golden Retrievers are exceptional dogs and Jack was an exceptional Golden Retriever.

Softly in the morning you heard a gentle call,
you took the hand God offered you and
quietly left us all.