Luke 2
November 2013


We adopted Luke2 from the ECGRR in March of 2013.  We had just lost our beloved Luke1, who Was diagnosed with multiple cancer.  When I saw Luke2 on their website, I knew I had to give this 12 year old gentleman, a home.  Luke2 weighed in at 126 pounds.  He had severe hip displasia, a severe ear infection, and terrible skin issues.  The look in his eyes, was one of despair.  We were determined to bring joy back into his life.

Seven months later, our handsome boy could hear, all ear and skin issues gone.  He simply sparkled with his love for life.  More than anything, he loved his road trips with his Uncle John .

Luke2 was a huge golden, with a huge heart.  Everyone adored him, he was unlike any golden we had ever known…When his legs could no longer hold up his body, we had to make that difficult decision.  He no longer had quality of life.

We know, he’s playing on the rainbow bridge with Luke1, running and playing …He knew, how much he was loved by all of us.  We miss you My darling Luke2.