(article courtesy of Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid-Florida, Inc)
Golden retrievers do require basic grooming. They shed, but basic maintenance will significantly reduce the amount of hair you find throughout the house. Regular brushing with a quality bristle brush, along with regular use of an undercoat rake will significantly reduce shedding, which will make you and your golden very happy.
The only areas of hair that require grooming are the nails, ears, tail and feet.

Nails: The golden’s nails should be clipped regularly. Long nails
are uncomfortable for the dog and for anyone they might jump on.
Check the nails and trim them regularly by carefully snipping the
tip with a pair of dog nail clippers or a mini Dremel tool. If you
are lucky enough to have a dog with clear nails, you will be able
to see the quick. Do not cut too close, and keep styptic powder on
hand in the event you do clip the quick. It is a good practice to
trim the nails weekly taking off small amounts each time.
Feet: Using an ordinary pair of grooming shears, trim the hair
around the pads, keeping the length even with the pads. Goldens
tend to grow “slippers” – fuzzy hair that protrudes from the top
and sides of the feet. Keeping this hair trimmed will reduce
matting and keep the dog from tracking in sand and dirt. The look
that you want to create is that of a cat’s paw.

Ears: The ears will require some general grooming on the inside
and outside. The hair on the inside of the ear should be kept thin
with the use of thinning shears and grooming shears. Hair covering
the outer part of the ear and along the edges should also be kept
neat. Ear cleaning is a basic requirement in keeping your golden
healthy. Golden retrievers have a tendency to get ear infections
if they are not cleaned regularly. Clean the ears weekly with a
quality ear cleansing solution.

Tail: The golden retriever’s tail should be groomed to look like a
fan when extended. The best way is to twist the end, put your
thumb just below the end of the tail bone and trim the end near
your thumb. Then, working from the end, carefully form a fan
toward the base of the tail.

            Surely if God could look like something of this world that we could
all see and relate to, it would more than likely be a Golden
            — Debra Marlin, Yellowdog