Thinking About Shaving Your Golden Retriever?  In A Word–Don’t!
(article courtesy of Golden Retriever Rescue of Mid-Florida, Inc)
Some people mistakenly believe that shaving or severely clipping their golden is a wonderful way to keep the dog cool and comfortable in warm weather. What they don’t realize is that they’re actually putting the dog at greater risk of health problems like skin cancer. Here’s why:

A golden’s coat is made up of two parts — the long and smooth outercoat and the soft and fuzzy undercoat. These two layers work together to protect the skin from sun, heat, cold and moisture. The fur acts as an insulator BOTH against the heat and cold.

When you shave your golden, you remove all of that natural  protection that he or she was born with, thereby exposing the dog to the sun’s harmful rays, a risk of overheating in the summer, and more. Because they were bred to retrieve water fowl, the golden’s  coat also acts as a water repellant and is designed so that dirt and debris brush off easily.

We’ve also had applicants think that shaving their golden would help protect it against fleas and ticks, would reduce shedding and eliminate hot spots – ALL UNTRUE! The golden will still shed, fleas and ticks are better controlled with a spot-on preventive such as FrontLine, and hot spots can be controlled with a premium diet and supplements. Simply put, there is NO good reason to shave your golden on a regular basis, and you are actually harming your dog if  you do so.