Sitting in a S. Florida hotel room and typing this out on my cellphone. Our furry kids are in the good hands of the sitter and we are off for some R & R at an undisclosed location. No internet … no cellphone … concentrating on adult beverages and reading. The order to be still determined.

Has been a busy week … in fact last two weeks. Many hours dealing with lawyers and other administrative stuff. For those following all the recent “drama”, I refer you to our Facebook page. I prefer spending my efforts with the hands on stuff of rescuing but not always the case.

While getting ready for our trip coordinated 3 intakes:

– a senior golden from the Escambia shelter.
– two from Taylor County. One is a 5 years old golden female and the other one of her pups (1 year?) that is a mix with a lab.

Report on the senior is that he was a stray, appears to be about 12, skin issues, and smells (Nickname at this time is “Stinky”). The ones from Taylor (Perry) are owner surrenders. Apparently a case of too many dogs, too many kids, and not enough time/money to take care of all. Florida Lab Rescue is helping us out with the screening, some of the transport and may even take the lab/golden mix.

ECGRR will be helping out FL Lab this weekend in transporting some pups from Chipley to Crawfordville. I’m glad we’ve been able to build a great relationship with FL Lab. Pooling resources helps with both our rescue efforts.

Anywho, off to rest a bit ….