… or dog tired would be better.

Over the last few months the ECGRR treasurer has been letting the board know we have a low funding situation (better known as broke).

tumblr_n2ne4a83h81tvgexko1_400Donations have been down and medical costs for the furry kids we rescue has gone up.

Anyway, I’ve hit the internet and have been spending the last week pushing our Facebook page, tinkering with the website and implementing a new online donation system.

Lots and lots of staring at the screen …. typing …. staring at the screen … typing … staring ….

Did I mention I’ve been spending a lot of time on the internet?

Goal of all this is to get the folks that “Like” us on social media to maybe “like” us just a bit more with a donation.  If we only had half of all them make a $10 donation we’d easily surpass the Fall Fundraiser goal of $2500.

Also have been trying to promote a charity golf tournament for ECGRR.  It’s a great opportunity for us to raise funds and promote the rescue at a new level.   Will be sending out a plea for help in the volunteer newsletter … also will need some help with a “meet and greet” event in Panama City on 9/19 and Dog Dze in FWB on 10/10.   More internet/computer time …. argh!

luckypuppyTerri from the The Lucky Puppy rescue has been asking for help with placing a pup or two they have.

Wish we could take one in but we are very short on fosters and can’t use resources we do not have.

Having our folks contact  Happy Tails Retriever Rescue and see if they can help.  May also try FL Great Pyrenees rescue since Terri thinks it might be a GP mix.  Our intake coordinator might also check with some of our adoption applicants to see if they might be interested  and put them in contact with Terri and company.

Time to get away from the laptop for a break with some non-rescue things.