rain-golden… and more rain.  Actually it’s stopped, but everything is drenched outside so concentrating on inside tasks, which includes catching up on online stuff.

Just 2 furry kids listed on the available section of the website – good news – but would be better if none were there.  These two guys – Dan and Pooh Bear – have been with us way too long and need loving forever homes.

Two others in our care that are not on the website …Libby,  who is just starting HW treatment and Josey who is dealing with terminal cancer.

In mentioning Josey, I’m reminded of the idiotic comments of a past ECGRR critic (re: the Leonard incident) who claimed we only take in goldens so that we can turn them for a profit.   I’ll move on with a closing  “CLUELESS MORON”.

Decided to start highlighting entries from our In Memory (I call it “IN MEMORIAM“) page on Facebook.  In reading them, forgot how much I got choked up when I posted them to the website.  So much for my “tough-guy” image.

meet-greet1Checking on the Fall Fundraiser Drive and we are off to a great start! Over half of our goal ($2500) met and we are just finishing up the first month.

Can’t sit back and relax on this one and we’ll be pushing funding during our October meet/greet events and we have a number of them:

Somewhere in that mess I need to fit in a trip to Tampa (a “people” medical issue) and a trip to UF Gainesville (one of our 4 legged kids is having seizures and may be dealing with brain cancer/tumor).   Both these issues have my days a little bit more complicated, as of late.

Back to assorted non-dog stuff, but am sure most of that will somehow morph into puppy related tasks.